How do people know where to go to reserve tickets?
You can put a link on your website that sends people directly to your exclusive ticket reservation site. You can email the link, put the website address in your newsletters, or send letters directly to your public, etc. You can also have them go directly to www.tix55.com and they can input your Theatre Name and/or Identifier on our home page which will take them to your system as well.

What does it cost me to set up my reservation system?

We do not charge for creating your online seating chart or making you a custom reservation system; our only charge is a small per ticket convenience fee that is ultimately paid by the ticket purchaser, not the theatre.

Do you have a minimum charge for your services?

Not for a venue with ongoing performances but for a single event, Yes. We need a minimum of 600 tickets sold for a single event. To guarantee this we ask for it up front before we do all the work of creating your entire reservation system. This is NOT an extra charge; it is merely an advance on the convenience fees that ticket purchasers will pay. At the time of settlement, if less than 600 seats were reserved you owe no additional balance, if more than 600 seats were reserved, you pay us the balance of the convenience fees collected from ticket buyers over the initial 600 seats. Our convenience fees are owed regardless of any discounted or free seats you may offer IF they were reserved using our system.

Can I block out seats to prevent them from being reserved?

Yes and those seats will not be charged a convenience fee.

How does the reservation process work?

People come to your exclusive ticket site and register (they can do this in advance). When tickets go on sale they just login, pick the show they want (if you have more than one show), then click on the seats they want and check out. They will then get a confirmation email listing the seats they ordered with our convenience fee and a total price. It is possible to include the convenience fee in the ticket price if you prefer.

How is payment made and to whom?

There are 2 ways for payments to be made, both of which go to you: we can take credit cards and have the funds go directly to YOUR PayPal account (called Online Payment); or your clients can bring the email receipt they received to you and pay you by cash or check (called Reservation Only). At settlement time you reimburse us for our part of the convenience fee the ticket purchaser paid.

I have people that pay cash and people that want to use a credit card, is it possible to do it both of those ways?
Yes either or both. We can even set up Reservation Codes that are good for either both, or credit cards only, and cash only.

Does the convenience fee you charge, include what the credit card company charges (PayPal)?

No. Our convenience fee is for our service only. We do not add anything for charges made outside of our services however if you need to recoup any additional costs, we can raise the convenience fee to cover any additional fees you may have (in other words YOU set the convenience fee amount) and you only reimburse us for our part of the convenience fee and you keep the rest. Additional revenue for your theatre can be made by selling Ad/Coupon spaces that can be displayed on our E-Tickets.

How do the tickets get distributed?

If you prefer to have complete control, you can distribute your own tickets the way you always have, your clients can show you the email confirmation they received from us (you will also get a sales report of your own to confirm the sale & seats) OR you can use our E-Tickets which your client prints out and brings to the show.

How safe are the E-Tickets?

E-Tickets have a watermark that will disappear if copied, and each one has its own QR (bar) code you can scan to help prevent duplicates from getting through. In addition, each ticket has the name of the person who bought the tickets printed on them.

Am I able to have some tickets discounted or even free?

Yes. We can give you codes to distribute that are entered when making the reservation. That code will give a certain number of free or discounted tickets. You decide how much of a discount or how many free tickets you would like given, anything above that they would pay for.

I have multiple shows, can I limit what shows people can reserve seats in?

Yes. We can give you codes that you can distribute that would only allow reservations in particular shows. Codes can also limit people to reserving certain rows, and even set time and dates that the code will only work between. We can also set a limit on the quantity of seats people can order.

Is there an extra cost for multiple shows?

There is NO extra cost, you can have as many shows as you like. Our price is strictly per ticket.

There is certain information that is unique to our theatre or that needs to be posted, is this possible?

Absolutely. We build a reservation site that is customized to each theatre, and we can put any information you would like both on the website and on the confirmation email clients receive when reserving tickets.

Can I limit the quantity of tickets people can order?

Yes. We can put a ticket maximum generally across the board, or we can put a maximum on a per code basis in case you want to limit certain groups of people or shows to one max and others to a different max.

How do I get the codes and how can I distribute them?

We make and customize the codes for you. If it’s a single code for all, you can put it in a newsletter or email it. If it is an individual code for each family, we will email them to you in an excel spreadsheet format. You can do a merge and print each code out on a card/label/letter or email them to your audience.

When can my tickets go on sale?

You tell us a day and time you want your tickets to go on sale, if we have it available that’s when it will be, if not, we’ll find another convenient time for you. The reason we say IF it’s available is because we have people exclusively monitoring the opening of your ticket sales. We know there can be an avalanche of people within the first half hour before it slows down and we want to make sure it goes smoothly as well as answer any technical questions your people may have before & during. We pride ourselves on how smoothly our openings are now and take no chances when it comes to protecting your opening with our well-oiled machine!

We have also added a "Help Desk". Based on keywords in a question, an automatic response will appear that can instantly answer that question. If it does not, clicking the send button on that page will send the question directly to us so we can provide a response as soon as possible.

I have different groups of people with multiple shows, can I have staggered opening times?

Yes you can. We can set each show to a specific day & time sales will open. We can also make codes that will work on different days or at different times within the same day.

I want to end my online sales a day or 2 before the show dates, can I do that?

You can end online sales whenever you want. We can set up any days and any times of days for your codes to stop working or your entire reservation system to close online sales.

Do I have to look online to see what is sold…and how will I know who bought what?

We will provide you with a sales report in either pdf or excel format (whatever your preference) at days end of the first day your tickets go on sale. After that you can have as many reports as you like - daily, weekly, etc. You will have your own control panel where you can see who registered, orders, & make reports. Or you can put in an email request for a sales report when you want one and we will email it to you. The sales report will tell you the name of the person who ordered the tickets along with the seats they ordered, the date, and the totals. Reports can be cumulative or exclusive to a certain day or days. We will also give you a final total report once your online sales have closed.

What about seats that haven’t been reserved after online sales have ended?

We will give you a listing of all seats remaining (unreserved) at the end of online sales. You can use that to sell whatever is remaining between the time your online sales have ended and your shows begin.

Is there a limit to how many codes or codes with different variations I can have?

No. We will make as many as you need.

What and how much time is needed to create my reservation system?

Because your online seating chart is customized to the auditorium you use, we need a clean and readable jpeg or pdf of the auditorium’s seating chart to be able to make it correctly. We will also be creating your exclusive reservation system. We set everything up then have you look it over to make sure all is correct and you are happy. The timeframe we recommend is 2 weeks from the time you email us your seating chart and pay the 600 seat minimum (of convenience fees) and when you want ticket sales to open. This will give you time to ask for changes or add custom text and us time to implement them.

How do I get started?

Just click the moving letters "HOME" below, then on the page that appears click the link on the left that says “To Get Started” then “Click Here To Take the First Step” and fill out the form. That will give us information to contact you and get the ball rolling.

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